Hello and thanks for stopping by my Flexispy site and full flexispy review. Here you will be able to read the answer to the question “Can I get Flexispy for FREE”, why I needed to use a cell spy software, learn exactly what Flexispy is, it’s features, pro’s, con’s and much more.

Note: As you are probably aware this is a full review on the new cell spy software Flexispy.

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  • Questions – Can you actually get Flexispy for FREE?
  • Answer – I personally couldn’t find a free copy of Flexispy “at least not a real version that wasn’t full of viruses” I have searched and searched all over the internet with no success. Please be careful of scammers with promises of a free version. (See below for the best solution).
  • Solution – Click on the link above or below after reading the full Flexispy review to get the very cheapest price I could find. The link will take you to a page where you will be able to get the software at a discounted price.

If you haven’t had a chance yet I would advise that you watch the video above to see a brief overview of what Flexispy is and exactly what Flexispy can do. I hope the video gives you a better understanding of exactly what this cell spy software is capable of and the type of people that will benefit from using it.

Continue on to read more about the cell spy software Flexispy including why I wrote this review, more about what Flexispy is, the features, pro’s, con’s plus more.

Next I will discuss why I needed to use this phone tracking software including why I wrote this Flexispy review.

Here’s Why I Wrote This Flexispy Review.

Okay the main reason why I wrote this Flexispy review is because I’m a rather skeptical person who really needs to investigate a product before I buy it. At first when I decided to try out a cell spy software that would help me out I hit a solid brick wall. There was literally hundred of crappy products out there on these types of spy programs which made the decision terribly hard. All the reviews that I read were obviously written by sales people trying to sell me every crappy program out there.

In the end I just decided to bite the bullet and try out a few that sounded descent. I must have spent well over $400 trying desperately to buy a good one but every single spy software I bought had just let me down. Not one of them did what they had promised to do, the whole experience had left me feeling rather cheated, scammed and scared of purchasing any more. I was also worried that these inferior software would be visible to the person that I was tracking, which was my eldest daughter. As it turned out, yes unfortunately a couple of these programs did give me up. This was a drama that I didn’t need and made me even more disappointed.

I decided to leave the whole thing for a while until I ran into a friend of mine, he had told me about this Flexispy software that he was using to track his workers as he gives his employees a company phone each because he is running a courier company and keeping in touch was very important. He had some great things to say about it and the software had even helped him improve his businesses bottom line. He was able to catch out any untrustworthy workers and keep a better track of his courier’s logistics, locations and progress by using the GPS tracker that came with the software.

So once again I thought I would give it all one last try and went ahead and purchased Flexispy and to my amazement it worked and is still working to this day. I have had zero problems with the software and the support they offer is great.

Yes it works like a gem, it offered me over 50 different features for spying and the best part is that after testing it on my own work phone I found that it really did hide the software and there was no way to detect that my phone was being spied on.

After going through all the stress and wasting plenty of time and money on dud programs I came up with the idea to write this review site. I figured there would be plenty of other people out there that would be having the same difficulties that I was having finding a good program that actually worked. So I wrote this review site which I thought was prevalent as I’m an actual user of this software and had tried many others as well. You can see more about me and my personal dramas on the about me page.

Flexispy Full Review – Exactly What Is Flexispy?

Flexispy to put a description of it in a paragraph is it’s a one of a kind mobile cell spy software. Once it is installed it gives the user the ability to track every aspect of the target phone. The cell spying software can listen in on both sides of live calls, read both incoming and outgoing sms messages, locate phone via GPS, check on contacts, video’s, photo’s and much more. Click here or read on to see a full list of feature and learn a little about each one.

“In short Flexispy is a completely unique mobile spy software that has been a total life saver”

If you need to contact me with any questions or queries in relation to this program or site then just go to my contact me page and I will try to help you out or

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Hello again in this part of the Flexispy review I will be listing all the features and a brief description on each one. You will get access to all of these features and many more when you get the cell spy software Flexispy.

Flexispy and the company that has designed this software has included every possible feature that you could imagine when it comes to being able to spy on someone completely undetected.

This software comes with more spying abilities than a real live private detective. Unlike a detective it will never miss a second, it doesn’t need to sleep, eat or be paid.

Overall this software costs so much less than a private investigator that it’s amazing that people even use them any more. The whole thing with all of it’s features cost’s less than just your first consultation or meeting with a private eye.

Take a look below at the features available to you:

  • Call Logs – Access call times and durations also see who they are calling or who has called them.
  • Sms Spying – Read all incoming and outgoing text messages, who they were from or who they were sent to.
  • Email Spying – View all sent and received emails, see what attachments have been sent or received.
  • Address Book And Contacts – See who’s on there contact list, gets updated when someone is added or deleted from there list.
  • Media Spying – See all images, audio files and videos that are on the target phone. Also get notified when new media is sent, received or downloaded.
  • GPS Tracking – Ability to find the phones location via GPS real time tracker which is displayed live on a Google map.
  • Social Spying – Spy on every part of there Facebook account, WhatsApp, Skype, BBM, iMessage, Viber, Wechat and many more.
  • View Calender – See what has been scheduled on there calender and access every part of their personal organizer.
  • Web Browsing – Spy on what websites they have visited, bookmarked, block certain websites you don’t wont them accessing and get accurate details on ther browsing history.
  • Spy Call – Activate the target phone’s microphone and listen in to the phones surroundings even when they are not using there phone.
  • Call Spy Interception – You have the ability to listen in to any call live and hear both sides of the conversation.
  • Call Notification – You can specify a particular number or numbers and get notified when a call is being made or received from or to a certain number.
  • Record Calls – You can record all calls or specify a number and only record these calls to listen to at a later date.
  • Spoof Sms – You can even send a spoof text message to any number you like and it will appear that it has been sent from the target phone that you are spying on.

The Flexispy software comes with all these features and many more. I have just listed the most popular ones for you to check out. Remember that it does all this and much more while remaining completely undetectable.

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FlexispyOkay to give you an idea about some of the benefits when it comes to using this cell spying software Flexispy I thought I would give you a brief list of things that have benefited me over the course of using this software. Whether or not your situation is similar to mine or not, it may be you find a bunch of different benefits. For me it was to help my wife and I sleep at night knowing that our 14 year old daughter was safe safe and to know exactly where she should be.

Check out a brief list of benefits I found with Flexispy below:


  • Well I found that with myself having 4 children and being so busy these days it’s hard or nearly impossible to be everywhere all the time and the Flexispy software really makes keeping track of them all a lot easier.
  • Another benefit is to be able to find out if your wife or husband is actually working late or where they said they would be. If you are feeling that your spouse maybe being unfaithful or maybe you need to check where your children go after you drop them off to school if you get a phone call saying that they are not at school then the Flexispy software is exactly what you need.
  • Get to the bottom of exactly who has been calling your husband, wife or children at all hours of the night. Especially if you confront them and they lie to you about the calls or text messages they have received or made.
  • Check out those sms messages that your teenagers are sending and receiving late at night and as I said in the last point this is especially helpful if they refuse to tell you the truth about it.

For my wife and I we use this software to keep track of pour 4 children, it helps us in many ways like making sure our kids are getting to and from school safely as we live some distance from their schools.

Also our eldest daughter has to travel to and from her dance classes after school and using the GPS tracker we can be assured that she is arriving okay.

The kids need there sports and after school hobbies and while most parents like us have to work till 5pm or later. Using Flexispy allows them a little more freedom with there sports and after school choices.

Since I got Flexispy we have been able to divert a number of situations that may have led to some harm to my eldest daughter. These days with how busy most parents are it is really hard to be able to monitor their children 100% of the time. With the number of strange, dangerous and untrustworthy people in the world we feel that we really couldn’t live without this software.

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To start off with Flexispy did in fact have very little about it that disappointed me but in saying that there was a couple of things that I disliked. Before you make a decision about whether to purchase Flexispy I thought I would quickly list those couple of things that I found annoying. You personally may not even find these things annoying at all but see below for the list.

  • At first when I purchased the Flexispy software I found the setup instructions a little confusing but since then they have put the instructions into video form now which has actually fixed this problem.
  • The initial interface or dashboard where you access all of the data that the cell spy software collects was a little bit confusing because of the shear number of features available. I have been able to get a hold of how to get around the dashboard better and can now wiz around it quickly and easily these days.

So as you can see there really wasn’t much to complain about. For how cheap this software is I was happily surprised that the positives way out weighed the negatives by a long shot.

Flexispy is guaranteed to please and if there are any issues the support team is completely incredible. If you would like me to help with anything I’m also happy to help, just check out the contact me page to see how to get in touch with me.


Welcome back, In this section I will be listing all the stuff about Flexispy that I loved. Take a look below at the list of stuff I liked and this is not all of them as there were plenty more. I have only mentioned the one’s that really stood out to me, you will probably find many different things about Flexispy that you liked more than the one I have listed below.

  • This software is compatible with almost every cell phone that you could imagine, there is a full list on there official site of all the phones that this cell spy software will work on.
  • I loved being able to track the details of every call made and received, what was said, the time they called, the duration and much more.
  • Flexispy can track, record and enable you to read every text message sent and received. You can see who it was from or who it was sent to, the time it was sent and the number details as well.
  • Being able to listen in live on any call that is made or received and the software will also notify you when a particular number you select is calling or has been called.
  • Flexispy enables you to track the target phone’s location via a powerful and accurate GPS tracker. It will show the location on a Google map which is in real time. This is one feature that I personally love.
  • The software only costs a very small amount compared to so many of the other inferior spy software out there. This program only cost you once.
  • It enables you to track as many phones as you wish to spy on with just the one license and without having to pay any additional amounts. There is no ongoing fees whatsoever.
  • The support team as mentioned earlier is by far the best I’ve experienced with very quick response times and accurate answers 24/7.

So that’s my personal list but as you can imagine there are plenty more features and things I liked that I didn’t mention in the above list. You will probably find others of your own that you love about this software it really depends on what needs you have from Flexispy.

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FlexispySo that brings us to the end of this Flexispy Review and to finish off I thought I would give you my final thoughts on Flexispy.

Since I got this cell spy software it has proven to me to be the best investment that I have made when it comes to my families safety.

If you are sick of trying to find a good software then you should without a doubt give this Flexispy cell tracker software a try. The support is excellent, the features are incredible and it’s the easiest to understand and use out of all the one’s that I’ve tried.

So save yourself the headache and get Flexispy today and give it a go for 30 days because I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. I personally recommend and guarantee that Flexispy is the best cell spy software available anywhere.

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